Women in Power

Female leadership in the power industry


First let me state that this is a personal opinion that is in no way related to the company.I’m just proud of where I work, and I want to let everyone know.

Siemens has two talented women in leadership positions. Lisa Davis, Chair and CEO of Siemens Corporation, and Judy Marks, CEO U.S. and President Siemens Corporation are inspirations to me and many other women in power.

They give us the confidence to continue stretching ourselves and our teams.

With their vision, focus, and long-term strategy we have the opportunity to change the energy system.

We have the power to make power happen!

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  1. TurayYates@yahoo.com'
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    Charles Yates

    December 30, 2016 at 5:39am


    Great article…I am glad that you are doing great….Let’s keep in touch….

    I am here in Chicago working for ComEd-Exelon until April 2018…

    Say hi to the hubby..

    Charles Yates, MBA & MPM
    Sr. Project Manager ( Consultant/ Contractor)
    Sr. PM – ComEd-Exelon ( Contractor)

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