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Valuable insights Stephanie Espy, author of STEM Gems, talks about several ways to interest girls in STEM at an early age. (This article originally appeared at women2.com.) The benefits of early exposure to foreign languages, music, travel, and sports on a… Continue Reading →

Support all along the way

A successful career is not always undertaken by one person alone.  In many cases, a partner can help by being a motivator, sounding board, and trusted friend at every point along the way. Being a female in a STEM related career can… Continue Reading →

Gender diversity: 101

Gender diversity: 101 There are many reasons given for the current gender imbalance in STEM careers.  One of them is that women slip out of science because their hormones make them “different”. There are arguments that women find science “boring,”  that attempts… Continue Reading →

Women Making it in a Man’s World

Females in STEM Careers Today This is a Man’s World “This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world You see, man made the cars to take us over the road Man made the train to carry the heavy load… Continue Reading →

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