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You Know You’re A Female, Right?

“You know you’re a female, right?” I’m currently writing a series of articles about starting my own business. This is about one of the conversations I had with a mentor. A conversation with a mentor. That question, coming from a… Continue Reading →

Free Falling Into Entrepreneurship

A brand new start! I’m running off the cliff, pulling the cord, and free falling into entrepreneurship. I’m exhilarated, thrilled, and frightened to death. I can only pray that I hit the ground with my feet under me. I’ve made… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Things to Look for in an Engineering School

What to Consider When Choosing an Engineering School My Story When I started studying engineering many, many years ago (okay, so I’m not twenty-something anymore), I didn’t have any idea about how to pick a good school.  So I applied for a few… Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Landing Your First Engineering Job

Come out of the gate running! How you can impress above the rest and land that first post-college gig. You’ve put in your time and now you’re almost done with classes.  As you approach graduation, you start thinking about your… Continue Reading →

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