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Free Falling Into Entrepreneurship

A brand new start! I’m running off the cliff, pulling the cord, and free falling into entrepreneurship. I’m exhilarated, thrilled, and frightened to death. I can only pray that I hit the ground with my feet under me. I’ve made… Continue Reading →

Advice for New Engineers

Advice for the next generation of engineers I’m passionate about helping young engineers, especially women, navigate their career path. I do this several different ways: mentoring, hiring interns and co-ops, and blogging. I’m often asked, “What is most important thing… Continue Reading →

5 Easy Things That Will Make You More Successful

5 Easy Things That Will Make You More Successful Sadly, the business world today is filled with mediocre employees. This is due in part to companies not engaging their employees, but that is another article for another day. Instead, I… Continue Reading →

Support all along the way

A successful career is not always undertaken by one person alone.  In many cases, a partner can help by being a motivator, sounding board, and trusted friend at every point along the way. Being a female in a STEM related career can… Continue Reading →

Look For the Joy

This article was submitted by a former co-worker of mine named Caroline. I feel it can be good sometimes to step back and consider the joy that can be found from a fulfilling career! -Heather Creating a Career and Life… Continue Reading →

Women Can Be Career-Competitive Too!

Females shouldn’t always be expected to be demure wallflowers at the workplace. In many cases it seems that females are not encouraged to compete in the workplace.  In fact it feels more like we are outright discouraged from competing for positions.  In this article… Continue Reading →

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