Have a Better Year!

Do you want to know how to have a better year?  As we start 2019, I wondered how I can prevent another year like last year.  My first year in business was a struggle. I boot strapped, self-funded, hustled, and failed.  I did not meet a single goal.

As I started to write my goals for 2019, I wrote them around what I came up short on.  We all do this. We set goals around wanting to be better at this or that.

I realized after I started depressing myself that with a negative mindset, I would never be able to develop positive goals for the year.  That was my “A-ha!” moment.

If we want to have a better year, we should focus on continuing to do the things we are already getting right.  Focus on the wins.

Start writing your goals by listing all the successes you had the previous year.  You will start to see trends on what works, what your strengths are, and who your advocates are.

Your list should include things such as:

  • Professional wins
  • Blogs
  • Media articles you were featured or quoted in
  • Speaking engagements
  • Biggest breakthroughs with clients
  • Biggest projects

Use this list to help you create your goals for next year.  

My prayer and wish are that everyone has a healthy, prosperous, and happy year!