Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day – Here’s Your Guilt Trip

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Guilt. It is a real thing for working Mom’s around the globe. Mother’s Day should be a time for celebration, but sometimes it can be a reminder of all the times I put work before family. Yes, I admit it. I’m not perfect. Actually, I’m quite flawed. I never really did balance work and life as well as I wish I had.

Happy Mother's Day

I got the big stuff right. I always stayed home when I needed to be nurse, I never missed the important game (I actually quit a job over a little league baseball championship game, but that is a story for another day), and I was present for all of the major milestones. It was the day to day stuff that I failed at. I rushed out the door almost every morning because I was already thinking about the fifteen things I needed to do once I got to work. It was being physically home, but a thousand miles away with my attention because I was worried about a deadline. It was the all too often pull of the cell phone to check if someone replied to my email yet.

One thing I realized is that you cannot continue to beat yourself up. No Mom is perfect. Admit your shortcomings, apologize if necessary, hug it out, and sing Kumbaya. You did the important stuff right. You love your kids more than life itself, you make them feel special because they are, and you support them with “naïve, unrealistic optimism” (the definition of Kumbaya).

Happy Mother's Day

It’s especially important to get the big things right when you are a career-minded female. It’s challenging enough in the working world for us, so don’t miss the details that are important.

So cut yourself some slack and enjoy your Mother’s Day. Your invisible jet is parked out back, Wonder Woman. You are amazing and deserve to be celebrated.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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