A brand new start!

I’m running off the cliff, pulling the cord, and free falling into entrepreneurship.

I’m exhilarated, thrilled, and frightened to death. I can only pray that I hit the ground with my feet under me.

I’ve made the decision to start my own company. After all, I’ve been designing and constructing for the utility industry for a long time. I know how to do it.

What I don’t know is how to start a business. So, I’ve been reaching out to many people that have done it to find out advice and get some guidance. These are people I’ve met throughout my career that I consider experts, friends, and some that I cold contacted on LinkedIn.


The consistent message they all give me is “Go For It!”

Reasons for jumping into entrepreneurship:

  • Control your own destiny
  • Work with who you want to work with
  • Work on projects that excite you
  • Learn new things along the way

They all tell me that the best thing they ever did was hang their own shingle. I hear stories of encouragement about how getting out of the corporate arena is fulfilling. Your work has more meaning and value since you are doing it for yourself and your employees.

Another one spoke of the control to be able to help clients without worrying about billable hours. You make differences in areas that you are passionate about. I had one person tell me that it was the best decision he ever made. I’m told that I will not regret jumping into entrepreneurship.

Then, I get the bad news. I might not make a dime for six months to a year. There will be years that I’ll make a million dollars, but there will be more years that I’ll struggle to make six figures.

Clients can be loyal and finicky at times, so you have to constantly market yourself to keep a good base. Insurance is something you will spend a lot of money on that you hope you never need.

When I weigh the good and the bad, I’m stepping forward to free fall out into nothing.