Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day

Depending on where you live, today is Equal Pay Day.  The actual date differs by country each year because it symbolized how far into the year a woman must work to earn what a man earned the previous year.

I can personally say that I have never experienced a 20-25% pay gap which is what is currently reported depending on the source.  My pay scale has always been based on education and experience with the actual pay being based on performance which is good because I don’t want to get paid the same if I go above and beyond to get the job done.  I want to get paid what I’m worth.

My path does not reflect some of the white papers that state even in high-paying STEM careers a gender pay gap exist.  AAUW states that women in engineering are paid only 82% of what their male counterparts are paid.  Bruce Weinberg with The Ohio University concluded that married women with children in STEM careers could be put on a “mommy track” where they get paid less.

What is your experience?  Are you paid fairly or do you face a pay gap?

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