Personality Style at Work

Taking it Personally Your Personality at Work Should be Personal. “It’s just business, don’t take it personally, okay?” I was recently told not to take things personally.  After all, it’s just business.   That may be the case at the end of the day, but that does not suit my personality style at work at all. I […]

Gender Bias in Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews:  The Hurdle that Keeps Getting Higher A NEW study by the linguist and tech entrepreneur Kieran Snyder, done for, found two differences between workplace performance reviews given to men and women. Across 248 reviews from 28 companies, managers, whether male or female, gave female employees more negative feedback than they gave male […]

Promoting Women in STEM Careers

3 Step Solution to Promote Women in STEM The number one way for a company to promote women in STEM is by trying to hire more females.  So naturally companies recruit.  This is done through hiring events at colleges, providing internships, and collaborating with trade organizations such as SWE and IEEE to find females with STEM degrees.  This […]

STEM Women Need Male Mentors

Do You Need a Male Mentor to Climb the Career Ladder? Wait.  Before you shoot the messenger, let me elaborate on having a male mentor on your side.  I recently participated in a women’s mentoring program at my company.  A female friend of mine remarked that all the mentors were male and was then offended.  She […]

are you bossy

Are You Bossy?

Are you really bossy? Navigating Perceptions in the Modern Workplace If you search Google for the definition of ‘bossy’ you will find it means, “fond of giving people orders; domineering.”  The example given is, “she was headlong, bossy, scared of nobody, and full of vinegar.”  This word is often used to describe women in a […]

Females in the workplace.

The hazards of being a female in the workplace

You did it! You decided to take a chance on a career in a male-dominated field.  You were told it couldn’t be done by too many people through the years, but you knew better.  You had a plan. You went to college and although you had some fellow female students in your classes in your […]