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Women in the Workplace

Appear as an Authority at the Office

Taking Control of the Meeting Space Recently a conversation took place at a round table conference I attended where the topic of discussion was how to appear as an authority in the office. I was later asked by a young… Continue Reading →

Women in Power

Female leadership in the power industry First let me state that this is a personal opinion that is in no way related to the company.I’m just proud of where I work, and I want to let everyone know. Siemens has… Continue Reading →

Did Sheryl Sandberg Have it Wrong?

Does the Lean In movement need to be redefined? On May 8, 2016 a CBS News headline reads, “Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg admits parts of “Lean In” are wrong.” Did Sheryl Sandberg have it wrong? As a working mother, I wanted… Continue Reading →

Co-ops Helped by Rural Utilities Service Loans

Rural Co-ops to Get a Helping Hand When most people think of power companies, the big names come to mind such as Duke Energy.  In reality, a major portion of the rural areas in this country are served by local… Continue Reading →

Lean Out to Lean In

Finding the right balance. During a recent conversation with a colleague of mine,  I was asked about my “go” moment. The moment I decided to pursue my career full steam. Back then it was not yet called leaning in. There… Continue Reading →

Tesla’s Powerwall Battery

Tesla’s Wall-Mounted Battery. Tesla has developed a wall-mounted electric storage battery called Powerwall.  Tesla is well-known for high-technology end electric cars.  The development of the Powerwall moves them into the energy storage business.  The battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery… Continue Reading →

Energy Co-ops Helping Breweries

From A to Z– ale to zinfandel. How energy co-ops are helping link microbreweries and wineries into the smarter grid. Many a toast is being made with beverages produced using electric cooperative power. Breweries, wineries, and distilleries across the nation are… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Co-ops Invest in Science Teachers

Science Teachers get Hands On Experience. The Dobson, N.C., co-op sponsored Mosley as part of a teaching fellowship based at N.C. State University that boosts teachers’ STEM– science, math, engineering and technology– education in K-12 classrooms with professional development workshops… Continue Reading →

Balancing Work Home Life

Happiness and Work-Life Balance. How to find fulfillment at home while managing your career. The pursuit of happiness is at the basis of American life and everyone strives to find that perfect level on both sides of the scale.  Once… Continue Reading →

Helping With Female Job Opportunities

Surfer Girl Teaches a Valuable Lesson How you can help STEM girls with female job opportunities. You know early on that a career in science, technology, engineering or math is going to be a challenge. But if you’re like me and want… Continue Reading →

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