Coaching in the Workplace

Coach ’em up! A friend of mine named Wendy married her husband in part because of his locker room pep talks.  He is a football coach and perfected the ability to motivate his team with just a few words.  He often used this special skill on their kids. In this article, I’ll go over some […]

A Wish for 2017

To better days! 2016 was a rough year all around.  Politically it was exhausting, famous celebrities that were admired seemed to pass away each week. It was just a really rough 12 months, and many of us faced personal trials as well. As I had been thinking about the darkness of it all, I came […]

Women Can Be Career-Competitive Too!

Females shouldn’t always be expected to be demure wallflowers at the workplace. In many cases it seems that females are not encouraged to compete in the workplace.  In fact it feels more like we are outright discouraged from competing for positions.  In this article I will describe how I became career-competitive and how you can too! As I shared […]