the storm

Did Sheryl Sandberg Have it Wrong?

Does the Lean In movement need to be redefined? On May 8, 2016 a CBS News headline reads, “Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg admits parts of “Lean In” are wrong.” Did Sheryl Sandberg have it wrong? As a working mother, I wanted to celebrate at first.  After all, I never felt she faced the same challenges and […]

proud to be a failure

Proud to be a Failure

I am proud to be a failure. You read that correctly:  I’m proud to be a failure at times.  If you have never failed, you have never truly challenged and pushed yourself. I certainly do fail sometimes, and I will describe why I’m proud of it. I need to experience failure so that I can […]

find the joy

Look For the Joy

This article was submitted by a former co-worker of mine named Caroline. I feel it can be good sometimes to step back and consider the joy that can be found from a fulfilling career! -Heather Creating a Career and Life you Love “Look for the joy!” That was always my mom’s advice when I faced […]