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You Know You’re A Female, Right?

“You know you’re a female, right?” I’m currently writing a series of articles about starting my own business. This is about one of the conversations I had with a mentor. A conversation with a mentor. That question, coming from a… Continue Reading →


Valuable insights Stephanie Espy, author of STEM Gems, talks about several ways to interest girls in STEM at an early age. (This article originally appeared at women2.com.) The benefits of early exposure to foreign languages, music, travel, and sports on a… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions for Engineers

New Year’s Resolutions for Engineers (and anyone!) (This article comes to us from Katherine at One STEM For All.) It’s a new year, which for many people means making resolutions.  A lot of those resolutions are abandoned by the time… Continue Reading →

Appear as an Authority at the Office

Taking Control of the Meeting Space Recently a conversation took place at a round table conference I attended where the topic of discussion was how to appear as an authority in the office. I was later asked by a young… Continue Reading →

Advice for New Engineers

Advice for the next generation of engineers I’m passionate about helping young engineers, especially women, navigate their career path. I do this several different ways: mentoring, hiring interns and co-ops, and blogging. I’m often asked, “What is most important thing… Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day – Here’s Your Guilt Trip

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Guilt. It is a real thing for working Mom’s around the globe. Mother’s Day should be a time for celebration, but sometimes it can be a reminder of all the times I put work before family…. Continue Reading →

Inspiration From My Family

Find Inspiration Everywhere… My grandmother “Nana” is turning 90 this year. That is a huge accomplishment! As I reflect on her life, I realize just how important she is to who I became. My grandmother faced multiple personal challenges in… Continue Reading →

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