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8 Keys to Great Customer Service

8 Keys to Customer Service

8 Keys to Great Customer Service

It feels like in today’s business world, customer service has taken a back seat to the bottom line.  Most of us cringe when we think about having to deal with a customer service department, but why?

Many at the top of the business chain have forgotten that they are there to serve the customer in the first place.

The following article goes over 8 keys to great customer service that I have used successfully in my career.

1st Key

RAVE.  Respect, Appreciate, Value, Everyone.  Living near Disney World, I started to hear this acronym and fell in love with it.  This applies to both internal and external customers.

2nd Key

Get embedded with your clients.  To help my team remember this one, I had a picture of a stick person in bed.  Listen to the frustrations of your market then provide a solution.  If you can become known as the problem solver, you will always have work.

3rd Key

Put yourself in their shoes.  Think about what service you expect then exceed that bar by going above it.

4th Key

Give them the Ritz Carlton experience.  Make your customers feel “welcomed, wanted, remembered, and cared for” just like the luxury hotel chain.

customer service

5th Key

Give them warm and fuzzes by making their life easy and making them look good.  Do the extra headache for your client then give him/her the credit.  You will be rewarded with a loyal customer.

6th Key

Fall on the sword.  In engineering, this can be difficult.  Engineers are often protective of their design.  You must let go of your pride and accept negative feedback even when you disagree with it.  The client will appreciate that you are not argumentative and defensive of their opinion.  Remember, it is only their opinion not indicative of your skills or expertise.

7th Key

The Golden Rule.  I try to live by this bible verse in all aspects of my life.  Simply stated, “treat others like you want to be treated.”

8th Key

Communicate.  I don’t know anyone that truly like surprise parties.  Customers don’t like surprises either.  Never assume they know something.  Consistent communication can prevent many customer satisfaction disasters.

If you, and your team, follow the above 8 keys to great customer service your clients will notice.  If you stay focused on your client and always do the right thing, you will never have to worry about the financial health of your company.

I’d love to know what you think!  Do you think customer service is simply dead and gone forever?  Feel free to leave us a comment below.

Written by Heather


Heather graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BSEE. Later, she received her MBA. As a mother of four wonderful children, she has found a way to balance her career with her role as Mom. After becoming director of engineering for a global engineering firm, she decided to start her own company. She is CEO of Select Power Systems, LLC.

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